Mr Lawrence Computing

Computer Repairs

Initially, your PC or laptop gets a thorough clean both inside and out. We pay particular attention to the inside components. It’s important that these don’t overheat, so all particles of dust and dirt are carefully removed using low pressure compressed air.

Your computer then gets a full check-up on all major components. By referring to our own worksheet and checking off after each stage, necessary notes are made. This way we ensure that your computer is thoroughly inspected.
Upon collection of your PC, your particular worksheet is then referred to. It details the work that has been done and recommendations for improving performance or reliability.

We check the following components:

Processor (CPU) and fan
Floppy/CD/DVD drive
Hard disk drive (tested using software utilities)
Display/graphics adaptor
Memory (tested using software utilities)
Local Area Network
Ports/USB/Input Device
Power supply (PSU)